Questo è ‘Canderson Fenced’ di Christine Anderson uno dei lavori proiettati nel corso della seconda edizione Slideluck Bologna che si è svolta il 21 novembre nella sede di Spazio Labò, a Bologna.


Il progetto ruota attorno al tema della morte, del lutto. Come scrive Christine Anderson sul suo sito, il progetto “is about death, mourning and foreclosure. All materials in the pictures are from the foreclosed property where I found the corpses of the deer. The foreclosed house and property were decaying as fast as the deer that had died there. I wanted to lend the deer a bit of my creativity, so maybe we both can be heard. To say we are here or have been here. Death does not scare me but living a life unheard does. I approached the pictures with humor because I rather laugh in face of death then cry”.



1_title_canderson_fenced 2_canderson_fenced-3949 3_canderson_fenced-3945 4_canderson_fenced-3967 5_canderson_fenced-5093 6_canderson_fenced-4065 7_canderson_fenced-4137 8_canderson_fenced-4192 9_canderson_fenced-4252 10_canderson_fenced-4380 11_canderson_fenced-4553 12_canderson_fenced-4722 14_canderson_fenced-4846 13_canderson_fenced-4746 15_canderson_fenced-4943 16_canderson_fenced-4995 17_contact_anderson_fenced





Da ascoltare con Circus MarcusDix neuf cent trente“.







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