Tutti gli incontri fotografici di Le Boudoir 2.0 a Arles

ARLES (FRANCIA). Il programma di Les Rencontres d’Arles e Les Voies Off si arricchisce, dal 4 al 10 luglio, degli appuntamenti del laboratorio di ricerca di immagini “leboudoir2.0” con incontri, talks, performance fotografiche e signings ad ingresso libero a Le Local (13 rue du Pont).

Dalle 11 alle 20, per le giornate inaugurali, Le Local sarà sede di incontri, proiezioni, conversazioni informali e musica con spazio libreria e cene con artisti nati dalla collaborazione con diversi partner tra cui Fonderia 20.9 (direttamente dall’Italia).






Qui il programma delle giornate:


11.00 News and suprises for photobooks collectors with L’Ascenseur Végétal

During the whole week, Claude Lemaire, from L’Ascenseur Végétal will advise you on the best books in town; he is also collecting some rarities for fond collectors. The list of the daily book signins will be revealed soon.


13.00 Lunchtime with Pascal Amoyel and his Not All, an American journey

15.00 The underground of the actual photography market: possibilities and shortcomings

Join Steve Bisson, Lewis Bush, Valérie Cazin [Galerie Binôme] , Nausicaa Giulia Bianchi, Niccolò Fano [Matèria], Fonderia 20.9 and Annakarin Quinto for this important open conversation

18.30 Cartographie de la photographie contemporaine No.0

Launch of No.0 of the collection of take-away exhibitions imagined by Annakarin Quinto, designed and curated by Stefano Marchionini


11.30 Photography and transmission with Philippe Calia [BIND] and Michel Le Belhomme

13.00 Lunchtime with Francesco Amorosino and his exploration of forbidden books

14.30 The space between us and the landscape with Ilka Kramer, Bärbel Praun and Awoiska van der Molen

16.30 Non-intentionality in photography with Brigitte Bauer, Bruno Dubreuil and guests

18.30 Apéro screenings Singapour, Greece and a special proposal by Filmessay



11.30 Archiving the vernacular : initiatives from South Asia with Philippe Calia [BIND]

12.30 A visual record of finance ? Capitalism, Corporate Id. and Propaganda with Martin Toft

13.30 Lunchtime with Ilaria di Biagio and her exploration of walking slow photography

15.00 Riots and identities with Laura El Tantawy, Alaa Mansour/Julien Bonnin and Kate Nolan

16.45 Economy and the anti-propaganda representations with Mathieu Asselin, Lewis Bush and Sophie Knittel

18.30 Launch of Halogénure a new magazine about alternative photography

19.30 Apéro screenings with Temps Zéro, Over-State and guests



11.30 The body of women as political territory with Giulia Bianchi, Luigi Cecconi, Laura Lafon and Amak Mahmoodian

13.00 Lunchtime with Simona Filippini, mirroring foreign house keepers sight on our lifes

14.30 Experimental photography, an overview by Marc Lenot

16.30 Beyond technology, is photography a science ? with Frédérique Destribats, Eran Gilat, Grégoire Eloy and Elisabeth Hering

18.30 Apéro screenings Morocco, South Korea, Middle East



11.30 Photography and New Media with Generazione Critica, Giorgio di Noto and Paola Paleari

13.00 Scratching the surface of the image with Federico Clavarino, Niccolò Fano, Giulia Marchi and Michele Tagliaferri

14.30 Photography as an objet with Luce Lebart and Nicola Nunziata

16.30 Surveillance and conceptual art with Discipula and Lauren Tortil

18.30 Apéro screenings India, Algeria



11.30 Chill out, books, chats and bye byes