E’ uscito il secondo numero di Sudario, lo ‘zine’ dedicato al Sud Italia ed autoprodotto da The View From Lucania nato per esplorare, con diverse lingue e attraverso le immagini, una parte d’Italia inequivocabilmente controversa e stratificata.

Sudario #2 (qui trovate tutti i dettagli sulla prima uscita) ospita alcune immagini di Martin Errichiello, Filippo Menichetti, Valerio Spada, Taiyo Onorato, Nico Krebs e Michael Sieber. 

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The View From Lucania present Sudario Numero Due (issue number 2), the first self-produced zine dedicated to Southern Italy which houses some images of projects from photographers and artists who told the South Italy. Sudario is a periodical and in each issue explore, with different languages and through images, a part of Italy unmistakably controversial and stratified.

N.B. From the number one who buys Sudario find inside a coupon that reports to an online editorial that explains the reasons for which the selected artists were chosen how their work interacts with the deepest meaning contained in the idea of Shroud.
The word “ sudario” originally meant a thin piece of cloth used by Roman soldiers to wipe off sweat. Later, it was used to refer to the mourning shroud covering the body of a deceased person and eventually it became semantically synonymous with The Holy Shroud, the cloth in which the body of Jesus Christ was wrapped after his death.
Irrespective of any historical context, the word and its meaning are inextricably linked to the concepts of absorption, suffering, spirituality and threshold. Using these terms as points of reference in its research, TVFL chose the word “sudario” as the title for its collective work.
“Sudario” is a sort of cultural blanket, which, from time to time, is laid across the various areas of southern Italy, absorbing its most striking and axiomatic features revealing its shadows, stains, folds and moods. Andrea Fasciani



Contributors: Martin Errichiello, Filippo Menichetti, Valerio Spada, Taiyo Onorato, Nico Krebs, Michael Sieber

Curated by Stefano Tripodi

Graphic Design – Risograph Printing Atto | atto.si

Typefaces: Brown, Lineto, SangBleu King, Swisstype

Printed on Woodstock, Fedrigoni